Paragliding The V in Winter
Utah has some of the best flying sites in the USA.
Point of the Mountain is world class with many options to LEARN. 
So where else can you FLY..?

Let's imagine. Let's fantasize about the perfect paragliding Launch. First let's visualize a place that is soarable in both morning and evening, with consistently smooth winds and easy access as well as forgiving ground characteristics.
 Can such a place really exist? Now let's dream of a perfect mountain flying site with 2WD access no more than a half hour's drive but over 3000 feet above a mile wide LZ. It must have a nice flat top but good slope after Launch and access to at least 270 degrees of Launching directions. It must be soarable and have the option of climbing higher in soarable winds. Say 3000 feet higher. 
    It must have excellent cross-country potential and just because we are dreaming let's imagine it has a NOAA weather site right on Launch, so we can check soaring conditions before leaving home. Paragliding Paradise. Home of the Wasatch Front Mountain range that creates consistent coast like conditions almost every day of the year. Welcome to Point of the Mountain. 
Welcome to Utah. 
    Home of Cove Mountain, where a ridge finger extends miles out into and 3300 feet above the Sevier Valley, and creates a soarable take off in three different directions. Where you can climb in evening ridge lift up over 3000 feet and look down on mountain lakes and streams along with 3000 foot shear cliffs and the panorama of Color Country. 
    Where thermals can carry you to the Wasatch Plateau and you can thermal above Skyline Drive, a mountain ridge road that runs 60 miles between Sanpete and Carbon Valley's, and seldom dips below 10,000 feet.. From there you can thermal right into the Uinta Mountains and on to Wyoming if you want to. 


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