Utah is one of the most epic paragliding sites in the USA. The State has over 50 sites pioneered over the years by some of the most adventures pilots around in the Hang Gliding and Paragliding scene. If you are willing to explore the great outdoors and see some of the most exhilarating views then Utah is the place to come. There is many schools ready to teach you the art of Hang Gliding and Paragliding with one of the countries best places to start -"The Point Of The Mountain". With the natural terrain and laminar air flow that comes each morning and evening, it's a great place to learn the skill of free flight with many others.

The community in Utah is large with many flying groups doing regular field trips and evening glides over the valley. There is many people in the summer trying this sport for the first time in the comfort of an experienced pilot with a Tandem flight which is provided by schools and top pilots of the area at the Flight Park. This is an addicting sport with many rewards and challenges for all ages, even some pilots over the age of 70 or more.  One addition to the area if you are new or not is information about where to fly and with the help of the pioneers of the sport we have a site guide if needed. This has many colored pictures and inform about what is available once you are a pilot and then gives you choices to get site guides by others on what you may want to fly over time or on a trip. This comes with a Cd of this site guide in Pdf form for Tablets and other forms of Pdf readers for ease of use, but a book also doesn't run out of power also. If you ever need a copy follow the info below.